EducateBeyond Consulting Services

EducateBeyond Consulting Services 
Educational Seminars 

Our educational seminars are designed to educate students about student stressors and resources in and outside of the classroom. We identify the needs and create individualize programs or you can select from some of our existing curriculum to fit your requirements. 

Motivational Seminars 

Motivational seminars help students identify personal strengths while connecting them to tangible goals and benefits in higher learning.

Life Skills Workshop

Our life skills workshops assist students with social and behavioral expectations and help them to develop healthy habits while pursuing educational goals. 

Student Financial Planning

Our student financial plan educates students about grants, loans, scholarship and how to minimize debt while in college or a vocational program. It also informs them how to resolve future financial expenses related to their college completion.

Educational Advising

We offer hands on advising and assessments to assist students with selecting the appropriate college or vocational program for his or her career goals.  
Our consultants develop age-appropriate activities and curriculum that strengthen academic and social skills. We include enrichment activities and provide guidance that enhances our students knowledge and understanding of the world outside the classroom. Students will be able to identify personal strengths and leadership skills to succeed in their current learning environment thus preparing them for their future career.

Professional Development 

We provide professional and motivational seminars that help educate working adults who are seeking to improve and increase career opportunities. We offer a number of seminars throughout the year to help our clients connect to a changing market while assisting with personal and professional development.

"Educating beyond the walls of the classroom"