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Tips for Students 
1. Always meet with your high school adviser for assistance with college applications, deadlines and school requirements.

2. Do your own research. Find out what schools offer your program or programs of interest.

3. Select a college or vocational program that is best for you. Don't follow your friends dream!

4. Make sure your selected program is accredited.

5. Apply for financial aid and other scholarships.

6. Visit the campus or location to make sure the environment is right for you.

7. Plan to graduate! Quiting school can cost you money. Never just stop attending classes because you may receive and (ADW) Administrative Withdrawal, which will leave you with no credits and a big bill.

8. Communicate problems or concerns to your Instructors.

9. Never travel on campus alone at night. Always let someone know where you are going and who you are going with.

10. Keep a journal to reflect on your progress and experiences. This can help to assess your personal abilities and needs.

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